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A Street Accident Paragraph for SSC,HSC

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A Street Accident

A street accident is a regular phenomenon in the streets and highways of our country. Every year it kills hundreds of lives. It brings untold suffering to the victims and their families. The injured persons lead a very miserable life. Overtaking tendency of our drivers, the bad conditions of roads, faulty, vehicles, lack of traffic rules, and regulations are the main causes of road accidents.

In Bangladesh, every day we find the news about road accidents in our daily newspaper. It really makes us shocked. Last month I witnessed a very pathetic street accident. It occurred in Rokeya Sarani near Agargaon Bus Stand. I was standing on the road for my school bus. Then I saw an old man who was trying to cross the busy road. When he was crossing the road, a bus was coming towards him with great speed. The driver could not control the speedy bus and it ran over the body of the unlucky old man.

The adjacent people hurried to the spot and some of them took the victim to the nearby hospital. But it was very pathetic that the doctor on duty declared him dead. Really it made me sad and I could not bear to watch the scene. I came back home with a heavy heart and I could not attend my class on that day.

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