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Load-Shedding Paragraph 150 words for 8, SSC

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Literally the word ‘Load’ means to collect and the word ‘shed’ means to release or supply. ‘Shedding’ is the
noun form of the verb ‘shed’. So the term ‘Load- Shedding’ means the withdrawal of electric supply from one
area in order to supply it in another area. There are some causes of load-shedding. There is a variety or demand
and supply or production. The Electric Generating Projects can’t produce as much electricity as is required. Load-
shedding in our Bangladesh has become a common occurrence. It can’t produce sufficient electricity as it needs.
It is also heard that the mismanagement inside the Power Development Board (PDB) causes load-shedding. If
load-shedding continues for many hours, it will cause a great loss to the nation. It is called system loss. This system
loss must be checked as soon as possible.

So sadly load-shedding is a big problem for our country.

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