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A Journey By Train Paragraph for HSC

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A Journey By Train

Journey is always fun. It helps to charm our mind and also make us happy. Journey is also a break in our monotonous daily life. After a journey we feel fresh and relaxed . After doing a successful journey peace fills our heart.
I made a journey by train with some of my class friends last year. I received a invitation letter from my aunty at Chittagong to attend the marriage ceremony of his son. I took some of my class friends with me. Early in the morning I went to Kamlapur Railway Station where I found my friends were already there. At 8 AM The train came, We found our seats in a carriage in the waiting train, saw our luggage put in, and then settled down for the train journey. The station guard blew his whistle and waved the green flag, the train slowly began to move and we glided out of the station. Everything that we were passing was nice and so we amused ourselves by looking through the windows. As the train winded away, eastwards, we could see some hills and mountains.
We passed by beautiful watery areas,green field and wonderful hillocks. Everything seemed very bright and pleasant to us. From the train, we could clearly see green waters, women and small boy-girls swimming and taking bath in the ponds and rivers . At noon me and my friends took our lunch in the train. The dishes were not that bad. We ate a lot. The train journey was highly enjoyable. Some of my friends started to sing. Other passengers were also enjoying
our childish attitudes. Some were enjoying the scenery of the way. Some people were also sleeping or reading books. After all, all of us were enjoying the time in our own ways. At last at 4 pm we reached Chittagong station. The road was really wonderful. The journey seemed to me like a dream. However, when we reached Chittagong, we found my aunty waiting for us. He welcomed us and took to his home. And our wonderful journey ended very beautifully. It was really an exciting journey that filled my heart with pleasure and excitement. I should never forget it. Whenever I remember the memories of that day, I feel something extraordinarily wonderful is going to happen in my heart which I am unable to explain. I can only feel and enjoy the memories. (The End)

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